About Us

About UsShockwave Program aims to develop young people’s skills in creative industries, enterprise development, and event production, opening up career pathways in Central Western Queensland.

The initiative supports young people to explore creative and viable learning, career and industry development opportunities in areas such as design, performance, film, photography, dance, visual art, music, event production and coordination, and festival management. Our delivery is based on three tiers of participation, which depend on young people’s level of interest:

Inspiration: basic workshops aimed at enthusing young people to take part in the workshop itself just to experience the art form

Production: these workshops are focused on putting together content for local showcases, Shockwave Festival or other local events

Advanced development: these workshops are for those who are interested in exploring a career or just advanced skills development in a particular art form.

Our Vision

Young people in the Central West are active, creative, skilled, confident and valued. Out of Shockwave Program, local young people have conceived, developed and delivered the Shockwave Festival annually since 2009. This includes creative and enterprise development workshops and the planning and production of the Shockwave Festival itself.

Mentoring and support for the development of micro, creative and social enterprises have assisted young people from the Central West to learn skills that help make their creativity sustainable. Currently, Shockwave Program supports young visual artists, photographers, dancers, DJ’s and event producers in the region to apply an enterprise approach to their practice.

 Shockwave Regional Working Group

The Shockwave Regional Working Group is for young people and community members to drive the planning of Shockwave, together with the Shockwave Manager. Two young people from Winton, Longreach and Blackall meet regularly to discuss the program and festival.

Here is the, Shockwave Regional Working Group Terms of Reference

Shockwave Governance Committee

The Shockwave Governance Committee members include the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer from Blackall-Tambo Regional Council, Longreach Regional Council and Winton Shire Council as well as the Shockwave Manager. They provide a coordinated, regional approach to the governance of Shockwave.

Here is the Shockwave Regional Governance Committee Terms of Reference

Memorandum of Understandings

This Memorandum of Understanding outlines the intentions of the Blackall Tambo Regional Council (BTRC), the Longreach Regional Council (LRC) and the Winton Shire Council (WSC) to work collaboratively in the management and development Shockwave for the Central West region of Queensland.

Here is the MOU