Blackall Youth Centre Starts Vegie Garden

Lily McIntosh, Youth Officer at Blackall-Tambo Regional Council has started a vegetable garden with young people from around Blackall to show that growing your own vegies can be a rewarding way to stay healthy, get physical in the garden and eat delicious and nutritious food.

With local vegie prices soaring ($9 per cauliflower!) , it’s great to see Lily and young people showing some initiative and growing their own!

How did the community garden get started?

Lily: It was the young people’s idea they wanted to have a garden accessible to them

What are you planning to grow?

Lily: We have already commenced growing snow peas, lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes roughly 3mths ago

Is it hard work and if so, does the hard work pay off!?

Lily: Definitely! We have two small risen garden beds that are manageable. The young people helped with the setting up of the garden beds, shovelling of the soil, selecting of the vegies and planting the vegies. The watering system is set up on a timer with a dripper hose attached to make watering very simple

Shockwave has a healthy eating tent each year, wouldn’t it be great if young people could eat veggies straight from the community garden. Is this goal something we can work towards together?

Lily: For sure if we keep the young people interested we can do anything

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