Shockwave Blackall: Hyper Colour

Since 2011, the young people of Winton and the surrounding area have participated regularly in the Shockwave Program program. This includes kids from all towns in the West (and further beyond) coming together once a year to showcase their creativity and leadership at the youth run Shockwave Festival, held in Blackall. The overall aim of the program is to support rural youth to develop confidence, leadership, resilience and self worth.

This year, however, is extra special as Shockwave Program launches its first professional exhibition. This Generation Next exhibition for 2013/2014 displays some of the processes and outcomes of our program. It has also provided young people from Winton with the training in exhibition production.

The opportunity to showcase their art has been embraced with a youthful energy and imagination by all our young participants. As a result there is an array of colourful artworks on display. It seemed appropriate to call this exhibition ‘Hyper Colour’.

The exhibition will be featured at the Waltzing Matilda Media Centre in Winton between November 22, 2013, and March 6, 2014.

To checkout the exhibition, visit the photo album on the Shockwave Blackall Facebook page here.