Shockwave 2014 – The best festival yet!

400+ young people from Barcaldine, Tambo, Charleville, Winton, Longreach and Blackall came together to push their own boundaries, learn new creative skills, build confidence and perform in front of their peers. 76 workshops have been delivered in the Central West region this year for Shockwave. Each time a young person attends a Shockwave workshop they learn skills in small business development, event management, leadership, communication, arts practice, facilitation as well as increase their confidence and self esteem.

“Express to Impress!” was the theme for this year’s festival and follows the mission and focus of Shockwave which is to encourage young people to embrace and benefit personally from the arts.

New activities at Shockwave this year were – creative workshops made for and by young people

– Kaitlyn Burton’s ‘Canvas Challenge’
– Kate Donnely’s ‘Make a phone case’ activity
– Phoebe Mitchell Longreach – Hand painted shoe demonstration and stall

10 local employees from the Central West helped to deliver Shockwave Festival this year along with help from many volunteers, local businesses & organizations.

Festival Producer, Sheree Banning (from Winton) is a strong member of the Central West youth arts community. Bringing her skills to the festival has ensured it will continue to grow and achieve great outcomes for young people.

Bec Callow, from Blackall, co-ordinated the Ambassador program this year with help from Fiona Ludgate & Beck Bowen. Bec was delighted to see young people’s sense of achievement in completing leadership activities.

The Logie Shockwave mascot and theme concept came from Logan Coward during Visual Art workshops run by Sue Loveday, our dedicated visual artworker who has been with the Shockwave program since the beginning.

Human Ventures General manager, James Boreham was impressed by the caliber of workshops and creative arts on display, as well as the community spirit, participation and leadership taking place.

The music program continues to grow and develop thanks to our local Music Artsworker Melinda Wells. Each year we see more and more young people taking the reigns on stage by either MC’ing or performing.

3 visiting artists from Brisbane conducted workshops in beat-boxing, skateboarding and dance, bringing different skills to the mix of talent and enthusiasm we see at Shockwave each year.